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LEVEL I Treats Mild Acne, “Pre-Acne”
and Keeps Skin Acne-Free

-You have mild acne consisting mostly of blackheads and whiteheads
-You’re worried about getting acne because your friends are affected and you’ve noticed some clogged pores
-You’ve tried many acne products, and they usually irritate your skin
-Skin often feels dry, especially after washing
-Useful in treating most teenage and adult acne
-Useful in maintaining acne-free skin after controlling your breakouts

LEVEL II Treats Moderate Acne
-Acne consists mostly of blackheads, whiteheads and small cysts (pimples)
-Skin is normal to slightly oily (usually in mid-face)
-You’ve tried Proactiv® type products and they haven’t helped

LEVEL III Treats Cystic Acne
-Acne consists mostly of large cysts, along with blackheads, whiteheads and small cysts (pimples)
-Skin is usually oily, even after washing
-This treatment level is similar to very strong prescription medications and should probably be used only after trying LEVEL II

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Acne FAQs

Q : Why do I have acne?

It’s genetics and hormones. Your oil glands, around puberty, mature, because they respond to increased levels of hormones (male-type hormones present in both sexes). How acne-prone your oil glands become is influenced by genetic (familial) factors. Over-activity of oil glands, resulting in clogged pores, starts the acne process. Skin bacteria breaks down this trapped oil, and blackheads and whiteheads form. These early blemishes may group together to form pus-pimples or cysts.

Q : How come my skin is dry, and I still have acne?

We tend to associate acne with oilier skin, but this is not always true. While oil trapped in a skin pore is necessary to trigger one’s acne, it is not the quantity of oil that matters.

Q : When does someone outgrow acne?

This usually varies with the sexes. Men reach their hormonal prime of life around their late teens. Acne in men usually can start around age 14 and end by the late teens or early 20’s. Women, on the other hand, seem to be at risk at an earlier age (I’ve seen 7 and 8 year old girls with early acne problems) and not be acne-free until past their menopause. Because women reach their hormonal prime in their early 30’s, this age group is particularly vulnerable. In my office, women around age 30 make up a large part of my acne practice.

Q : How important is washing your face in controlling acne?

While good hygiene helps, it isn’t necessary to overdo facial cleansing. You can’t “wash away” your acne because the problem is not external. It has more to do with your internal oil glands and buried skin bacteria.

Q : Can certain foods cause acne?

No. Greasy foods and chocolate cannot CAUSE acne. People who have inflammatory acne (skin redness and irritated pimples) may find that dietary stimulants like caffeine (in chocolate, coffee, tea, colas) and spicy foods can trigger more redness and irritation.

Q : How about stess causing acne?

Not a CAUSE, but sometimes stress seems to make acne worse, especially when people lose control and start to pick on themselves.

Q : There are so many products out there. Why is  Dr. Herb better?

My products contain the most complete selection of acne medications available without a doctor’s prescription. They are formulated in 3 levels, or strengths, to accommodate every level of acne breakout. For example, Pro-Activ®, Murad®, Neutrogena®, and others contain very low concentrations of very few ingredients. These products are formulated to treat the mildest acne problems and cause the least irritation. My LEVEL I is comparable to these (and most other available) products, but still has the variety of ingredients present in LEVELS II and III. My formulations will out-perform just about any product out there. Mine are serious products that I have recommended for real patients with real success.

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The health care crisis has resulted in the loss of insurance for millions of Americans. While emergency care is available for anyone who can make their way to a hospital ER, most elective procedures are unobtainable for most of the uninsured, especially those that pertain to skin care. Even people who have health insurance often find that co-pays, required for physician visits and medications for acne care, may be excessive.

Since acne affects millions of young people, it can be devastating to those whose self-image is so important at an age when they are most vulnerable. Without a physician to visit, these individuals will turn to over-the-counter products that may promise a lot, but deliver very little. Since most O-T-C acne products tend to be compounded in the mildest concentrations, they may only be able to help those with the mildest acne problems.

To be “cost-effective”, the acne treatment an individual chooses should be geared specifically to his or her acne problem. Dr. Herbert Feinberg, a board-certified dermatologist, with extensive experience in treating acne patients, has developed an acne program that works for the three levels of acne that someone might have, i.e. mild, moderate and severe. When accessing his website at, you are directed to a page that allows you to choose your treatment based on the seriousness of your acne problem. In addition to a verbal description of what you need to know, there are photos that you can use to identify the treatment level you require.

Getting an acne treatment program to work specifically for your acne problem will result in a faster improvement, and therefore it becomes more cost-effective.

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Go online and try to get through all the pages devoted to acne products or acne treatments and be prepared to spend half your day browsing.

Major players promise quick relief and provide celebrity endorsements from people whose enthusiastic praises are probably directly related to the amount of money they’ve been paid.

Minor players, often called “bathtub chemists” offer products that one might charitably label “esoteric” or “unusually creative”.

Probably the safest approach to deciding what will work for you is to find a dermatologist who has put his or her reputation on the line by endorsing a product or treatment system.

To narrow your choice further, you should be properly informed as to the exact type of product that’s being promoted and how it relates to what that dermatologist might actually use in his or her practice.

Visit and you’ll find that all the above criteria are more than satisfied. Dr Herb Feinberg, a practicing board-certified dermatologist offers products that he has, and is, using to treat real patients with real problems. Moreover, his selection of acne products is more advanced and complete than any other “system” out there. He knows that you cannot provide a single line of products to treat all types of acne. His products are grouped into three levels of treatments for mild, moderate or severe acne problems. Nowhere will you find this kind of sophistication.

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Dr. Herb Feinberg, a board-certified dermatologist, specializing in acne treatment, has created a line of acne products that can be purchased by accessing his website at What’s unique about his acne program is the way he has set up different levels of treatments for different kinds of acne problems.

If you have mild, moderate or severe acne, you’ll find a set of products that are specifically designed to treat your problem skin. This differs from most acne “systems” promoted online and sold over-the-counter. In general, most product lines such as ProActiv, Murad and Nerutrogena offer one group of products they claim will work for everyone. While many of the ingredients in these products are bona fide acne agents, they are present in concentrations too low to help only the mildest of acne sufferers and their variety is usually quite limited.

Dr. Feinberg devotes half his practice to the treatment of acne. He has used all the ingredients present in his dr. herb® acne program in prescription medications that he has prescribed in his office practice, and he and he understands the value of this kind of therapy. By incorporating these various ingredients in differe varying concentrations depending upon the severity of one’s acne problem, Dr. Feinberg allows the individual to tailor the treatment to his or hers needs. He also realizes that the more active ingredients present in the products, the better the improvement.

Dr. Feinberg can claim, with certainty, that this tailored approach to treating acne works better than the usual “one treatment for all” approach. It has worked in his office and it will work for his “virtual patients” on the internet.

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Virtual Online Doctor

While there’s no better approach to patient care than actual “hands on” doctoring, with the advent of greater internet usage, more people are opting for “virtual” medical advice. WebMD and other medical information sites have allowed people to learn more about their medical problems and, in many cases, allow them to self-treat selected illnesses.

Probably nowhere is this kind of ‘virtual” medical care more prevalent than in the treatment of skin disorders. And probably no skin disorder receives as much attention as acne. You’ll find hundreds of websites devoted to the treatment of acne. One site,, takes acne care to the next level.

Dr. Herb Feinberg has created an advanced line of acne products that goes well beyond the usual kinds of acne treatments available. Aside from providing a product line that is similar to dermatologist-prescribed medications, his skindrherb website allows a “patient” to classify his or her acne problem, and choose the level of treatment that suits best suits them.

Dr. Herb takes this one step further by encouraging the customer to become a “virtual patient”. By establishing an on-line connection, the individual will be able to communicate with his “doctor” and receive advice about the nature of his or her problem, and discuss the treatment received and and other possible options. Dr. Herb and his experienced staff personally review every email and provide concise answers as quickly as possible.

If someone can’t see a dermatologist, visiting this “virtual” doctor website provides an excellent alternative.

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Getting Serious About Treating Acne

There are hundreds of OTC acne products and programs out there, but few, if any, try to really treat serious acne. The Proactivs’, Murads’ and Neutrogena’s are geared to offend the least number of people without really reaching out to offer people serious anti-acne ingredients.

With the introduction of dr. herb® products, there is now a real dermatologist prescription-type program available for treating more than the mildest acne problem. Dr. Herb Feinberg, an experienced board-certified dermatologist has created a treatment schedule for all types of acne sufferers. He has put together a line of products containing every acne agent available without a prescription. Interestingly, the ingredients in his dr. herb® products are actually those used by dermatologists in concentrations, close to, if not similar to those prescribed.

The dr. herb® acne products will be available only on the internet. Logging on allows you not only to order, but choose your treatment based on the level of your acne problem. The website offers a video that explains how acne develops in a very clear and concise way. A page on frequently asked questions and answers offers some fresh incites into the myths and controversies about acne. Additionally, the website offers information about Dr. Herb and his medical philosophy.

This is a most welcome addition for the serious acne sufferer who is really trying to find relief in a cost-effective and medically-effective manner.

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